Business Succession & Estate Planning

Protect your family and your money with life insurance. We’ll help ensure your hard-earned savings goes to your family and loved-ones, not the tax man.

Key Person Insurance

Protect yourself from any financial loss in the event that a key income generating employee unexpectedly and/or prematurely passes away.

  • Distributes funds to your Company in the event that a vital team member in your business dies prematurely
  • Benefits are paid tax-free to the Company and used to replace income lost as the result of death of a key person until a suitable replacement is hired
  • We’ll shop and compare with top insurers to ensure the solution is right for your Company

Buy-Sell Partnership Insurance

We’ll help you determine coverage required to satisfy a buy-sell agreement between business partners in the event of critical illness, death or long-term disability.

  • This coverage provides funds to the surviving partners to purchase Company shares from the deceased partner’s estate
  • We'll design solutions that are based on your Company’s individual needs and respect your budget
  • Benefits are paid tax-free to the Company and used to ensure smooth transfer of Company shares to surviving partner

Business Critical Illness Insurance

Ensure that you and your business are protected from the loss of income and the high expenses that may occur during a critical illness.

  • Your company pays for the critical illness portion of the premium while you pay for return of premium portion
  • This coverage provides a tax-free lump sum benefit to your Company in the event you are diagnosed with a serious illness
  • If you never make a claim, all of the premiums you paid into the policy will be returned to you, tax-free at a future time

Business Overhead Insurance

Make sure you’re covered for the overhead costs of running a business by continuing cash flow in the event that you can no longer work.

  • Pay your Company’s operating expenses like utility bills and rent if you are disabled due to an illness or injury and cannot work
  • Safeguard your Company even when you are recovering from a disability and are unable to generate any income
  • We'll design solutions that are based on your Company’s individual needs and respect your budget

Business Disability Insurance

Protect yourself when you no longer have any income in the event that you’re unexpectedly unable to work due to an illness or injury.

  • This coverage will provide a monthly benefit to you in the event that you can no longer work
  • Pay bills as well as other expenses while you are recovering and are unable to generate any income
  • Our team can assess your situation and recommend type of insurance coverage that's right for you and your business.

Group Benefits

We’ll help you protect the health and long-term security of your employees and their families with customized group benefits.

  • Most benefits are provided tax-free to your employees, and your Company is able to expense the monthly premium charges  
  • Group benefits attract and maintain highly qualified employees
  • Ensure that your employees have health and dental coverage along with other employee assistance programs. Plus, premiums are tax deductible and are a non-taxable benefit for your employees

Group RRSPs

Stay competitive as an employer by offering your employees the opportunity to save for retirement with Group RRSPs.

  • Group retirement plans are an important compensation component to attract and to keep highly qualified employees
  • Encourage employees to save for their future, and your Company can top up employee contributions as a benefit
  • We’ll shop and compare with multiple top insurers to make sure the solution is right for your company
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